Nipple Salve 50ml
Nipple Salve 50ml

Nipple Salve 50ml

nipple salve cares for suffering nipples with pure lanolin

clinically tested ∙ recommended by midwives

Gentle care for mom-to-be's

Sanosan Nipple Salve consists of pure, natural lanolin* and contains no additional constituents whatsoever. It cares for sensitive and suffering nipples during and after breast-feeding.

no colourants, scents or preservatives

*Recommended by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment and the National Breast-Feeding Commission

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Wash your hands before using the nipple salve. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of nipple salve out of the tube and warm it between your fingers. Once the salve has softened, carefully apply to the nipple and areola between feeds and massage in gently. You will achieve the best effect if the nipple is covered with lanolin the entire time between feeds. The salve does not need to be removed before the next feed, though it should not be applied immediately before a feed.

The salve's composition is absolutely safe for your baby.

If you have difficulty breastfeeding, contact a breastfeeding advice centre, your midwife, health visitor or doctor.

Product formulas are subject to modification. The information provided here refers to the current range and is updated on a regular basis. In the event of alterations to formulas, products with the old as well as the new formula can both be found in stores. Therefore, the buyer should always carefully read all the information on the packaging. This particularly applies to the list of ingredients as regards intolerabilities.

The Nipple Salve can also be used after breastfeeding as a soothing salve for a number of applications, e.g. for dry lips, sensitive and sore skin, jogger's nipple, skin abrasions or to prevent blisters.

Store the Nipple Salve at room temperature. The warmer the tube, the easier it is to apply the product.