Nursing Pads 30 pcs.

Nursing Pads 30 pcs.

nursing pads with a liquid reservoir and breast-shaped form provides all-round optimal protection

recommended by midwives

Reliable protection for Moms

Breast-feeding is important for mothers and babies. Not only does baby receive nourishing breast milk, it is also provided with a positive feeling of being accepted, loved, protected and cared for.

With a liquid reservoir to ensure that even more liquid is retained inside each breast-shaped pad with an ultra-soft edge that is hardly noticeable when worn. Perceptibly dryer and can be worn for longer. Made of high quality, natural cellulose fleece.

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Wash your breasts with clear water before breastfeeding. Remove the protective film from the anti-slip adhesive strips before using the Nursing Pads.

Nothing is better for babies than breastfeeding. During the first 6 months, the nutrients from the breast milk provide the ideal nutrition for a healthy, growing baby.

After every breastfeed, place a sanosan Nursing Pad in your bra. You should ideally let your breasts air dry before covering them with the Nursing Pads.

Regularly change the Nursing Pads and do not use them more than once. The disposable Nursing Pads can be worn in all normal and breastfeeding bras.